Name Organizational position Phone number Extension
Dr. Ali Javidaneh Director General of
National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC)
Eng. Mohammad Akbari Deputy of Management and Resources Development 02166071020 2206
Dr. Morteza Sedighi Deputy of Technical and Spatial Information Production 02166071021 2387
En. Hamidreza Seyeden Borojeni Deputy of Technology and Spatial Information Presentation 02166071027 2543
Eng.Hossein Golmohammadi General Manager of Director’s office, Public and International Relations 02166071117 2293
Mr. Aliakbar Torkashvand Security Manager    
Ms. Khadijeh Safdari General Manager of Human Resources Development and Administrative Reform 02166071040 2285
Eng. Manoosh Farifteh Jahantigh General Manager of Information Technology and Communication 02166071147 2512
Dr. Ali Soltanpour Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Manager 02166071144 2491
Eng. Habashi Manager of Spatial Information Storage and Presentation 02166071100 2448
Eng. Ahmad Abotalebi General Manager of Aerial Surveying, Spatial and Base Maps 02166071060 2252
Eng. Ali Safaiee General Manager of Supervision, Technical Control and Standards 02166071081 2247
Dr.Ali Madad General Manager of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) 02166071070 2267
Dr. s. Abdolreza Saadat General Manager of Geodesy and Land Surveying 02166071098 2425
Hasan Sharifi General Manager of Auditing and Financial Affairs 02166071050 2345
Eng. Abolfazl Bolandian Manager of Cartography and National Atlases 02166071030 2218
Eng. Ashraf Sadaat Ghoreishi Manager of Planning, Budget and Support   2340

Last Update date : Feb 13 2024
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