1- Expansion and improvement of  base data, reference frameworks and spatial data infrastructure for effective participation in planning and sustainable development of the country

2- Strengthening the authority of  NCC in compilation and developing standards and technical requirements to ensure quality, interactivity and stability

3- Promotion of inter-organizational interactions at national, regional and international levels to enhance effectiveness of  NCC

4- Expanding the level of social interaction of NCC along with mutual understanding of NCC and society

5- Expanding research activities of NCC with emphasis on applied and development research

6-Proposing and following up the approval of laws and regulations to strengthen the sovereignty of  NCC

7- Playing a key role in pre-warning and crisis management

8- Promoting the role of NCC in technical and executive system of  the country,

9- Facilitating and accelerating public access to various products and services of  NCC

10- Developing and updating new technologies and products.

11- Developing the sustainable income resources

12- Promoting NCC in to an agile, learner and productive organization

1-Design and implementation of  fundamental surveying operations such as establishing national geodetic, precise leveling, gravimetric and geodynamic networks;

2-Updating the 1:25,000 base maps  of  the country and other scales along  with economic, social and cultural development programs of the country;

3-Determining and improving the Datums such as national and local geoids, reference ellipsoid, mean sea level and map projection systems;

4-Establishing permanent GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) stations and providing related services;

5-Producing required maps and updating them for development plan projects of ministries, government organizations and private sector;

6- Performing aerial photography as well as film and digital image production, and related processing  required by public and private sector;

7- Design, creation and implementation of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Land Information Systems (LIS) and establishment of  National Topographic Database (NTDB);

8- Hydrographic operations including creation of base and local charts, tidal data collection and processing, prediction and preparation of tidal tables;

9- Design and implementation of  National Atlas project of Iran and thematic atlases as well as their updating and reviewing;

10- Collecting and archiving geographic information and original versions of
maps to create geo-database;

11- Quality auditing of surveying activities;
12 - Development of standards and necessary instructions for integrity and coherence in the technical and executive work procedures of  NCC and other active organizations and institutions in related fields;

13 - Supervision and quality control of all mapping activities performed in public and private sectors and institutions according to international standards;

14 - Membership in scientific and technical associations at regional and international levels in surveying engineering sciences complying with relevant rules and regulations;
15- Collaboration and exchange of information with local and international scientific and technical communities;

16 - Holding training courses in surveying engineering fields based on related regulations;

17 - Holding surveying engineering congresses, conferences and seminars at national, regional and international levels and participating in relevant national and international conferences;

18 - Necessary cooperation with Supreme Council of Surveying to fulfill its responsibilities.

19- Preparing, compiling and publishing topographic maps at different scales by using collected data via land, photogrammetry and or generalization of the existing information.

20- Designing, executing, updating and publishing thematic maps

21- Compiling, designing, executing, updating and publishing national, regional and thematic atlases

22- Designing, executing and publishing kinds of thematic and tourist maps

23- Designing, producing and publishing kinds of cartographic products such as Dimensional models and 3-Dimensional maps

24- Maintaining, updating and completing the National Geographical Names database of Iran

Last Update date : Mar 15 2023
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