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Presence of NCC in Virtual Meeting Between UN-GGIM-AP and UN-GGCE

According to NCC News, quoted from the International Cooperation and Engineering Services Export Office of NCC and Geodesy and Land Surveying Department, after UN-GGIM-AP  regional committee invited the representatives of the member states to participate in the joint virtual meeting between this committee and the United Nations Global Geodetic Center of Excellence (UN-GGCE), S. Abdolreza Saãdat manager of geodesy and Land surveying department and manager of the Crisis Committee of NCC participated in this meeting on January 31,2024.

At the beginning of this meeting, after welcoming the participants, a brief statement was given by Mr. Antonius Bambang Wijanarto, the President of UN-GGIM-AP regarding the brief introduction on UN-GGCE staff and strategic objectives. He added that The vision of the United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (UN-GGCE) is one where all countries have strong political support for geodesy which enables them to – together – accelerate the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals and derive social, environmental and economic benefits. its objective is to work with Member States and geodetic organizations to strengthen its collective and UN-GGCE members are willing to work with all representatives of Asia and Pacific countries in sharing information and experiences to improve coordination and collaboration amongst Member States and geodetic organizations.

In this meeting, manager of Geodesy and Land Surveying Department explained that investing in the global supply chain of geodetic data, increasing coordination and cooperation between member states can make the importance of geodesy and its benefits more visible and understandable to the society. S. Abdolreza Saãdat, presenting the proposal of launching regional SDI and training courses on geodesy, stated that the definition of regional reference frameworks, the development of data centers and the creation of data analysis centers can strengthen the supply chain of global geodetic data.

Also, in this virtual meeting, the member states discussed and exchanged about the key problems of UN-GGIM and how to interact better with the countries. In the end, the meeting was concluded by presenting solutions to strengthen and advance global cooperation and coordination of geodesy, education and capacity development, communication and awareness in line with a global plan.

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