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The 12th plenary Meeting of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific in Indonesia:

Presentation of the third UN-GGIM-AP Working Group Report by the Director General of NCC in Indonesia

Last year, with the help of the experts of GIS and SDI Department of NCC, we succeeded in designing a 3-year program with a precise schedule.

 According to NCC news, after the official invitation from the Director General of NCC to attend the 12th plenary meeting of UN-GGIM-AP Committee in Indonesia, Ali Javidaneh attended as representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this international meeting.

In this international meeting, which was held from November 5-9, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia, many Geomatics experts attended from Asia and the Pacific.

On the fourth day of this international meeting, Ali Javidaneh, the deputy of Plan and Budget Organization (PBO) of Iran, as the head of working group 3 of UNGGIM-AP on Integrating Geospatial Information and Statistics, gave a speech and annual report.

The Director General of NCC in his report, referring to the 3-year plan of this working group from 2023 to 2025, said: "Last year, with the help of experts from GIS and SDI Department of NCC, we succeeded in designing a 3-year plan with a precise schedule."

Referring to the five principles of the Global Statistical Geospatial Framework (GSGF) included in the 3-year program of the UN-GGIM-AP Working Group 3, Javidaneh said: "The designed program includes 8 main tasks, which include promoting the use of standards and sharing common literature for the integration of spatial information and statistics, strengthening joint national arrangements between geographic and statistical agencies in the Asia-Pacific region, advancing the adoption of GSGF principles in the Asia-Pacific region, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals through the integration of spatial statistics, to Sharing case studies of integration of spatial and statistical information for effective natural disaster management, capacity building,  strengthening relations with the United Nations Group of Experts on the integration of statistical and spatial information and  studying possible ways of cooperation with the Global Center for Knowledge and Innovation.



At the end of his report, the head of Working Group 3 of the UN-GGIM-AP  while thanking the vice-chair of this working group who helped to improve the report with their points of view, added: "In addition to internal constructive interactions with the Plan and Budget  Organization (PBO) of Iran and Iran's Statistics Center, by combining spatial and statistical data, we were able to plan such issues with other international institutions, such as APDIM and ECO, so that we can take joint action in this field.

It should be mentioned that after the end of the 3-year period of this Working Group last year in Hyderabad, India, the Director General of NCC won the seat of the new chair of this Working Group for 3 years with the majority of votes.

 It is worth mentioning that the Director General of NCC, as the only representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was able to maintain Iran's position as a member of the executive board of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific.

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