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After 2 days of holding the training course on "The role of cartography in optimal presentation of spatial and statistical infor

International Specialized Training Course of ECO Member Countries Was Successfully Organized by NCC

According to NCC news, the fifth international specialized training course for ECO member countries was held by NCC on 07-08 August 2023. 

This training course on "The role of cartography in the optimal presentation of spatial and statistical information" was successfully held in the form of a webinar in English by the management of cartography and national atlases with the supervision and coordination of the Director’s Office, Public and International Relations and the ECO Secretariat on 08 August 2023.

On the first day of this training course, topics such as what is cartography, the history of cartography, different types of maps, principles of map design, data collection and processing for cartography, generalization in cartography, visualization in cartography, ethical considerations of cartography were taught by Jafari Salim, a research expert and Technical control of NCC.

On the second day of this training course, other topics such as topographic maps, thematic maps, national atlas (static or dynamic) and national geographic names database were taught by Bolandiyan, Seyfi and Mojaradi, respectively, the manager, deputy and expert of Cartography and National Atlases Department.

Moradian, the head of the international cooperation and engineering service export office of the NCC, managed the meeting as the coordinator and planner of the training course in these two days. At the end of this training course, while thanking the ECO secretariat for the necessary coordination to hold this course, the participating members and colleagues in the management of cartography and national atlases, he said in the final summary of this training course: "In line with the approach of issuing international cooperation engineering services of NCC, This organization will host the third meeting of heads of mapping organizations of ECO member countries on September 18 and 19, 2023.

In the end, Fouad Farzalibeyov, the head of ECO's energy, mining and environment committee, thanked NCC of Iran and pointed out the practical and attractive presentations of the lecturers of this course, as well as the detailed planning and regular coordination of the international administration with ECO's secretariat, and emphasized that "holding The success of specialized training courses for ECO member countries will effectively help in building the capacity of the countries of the region and sustainable development.

It is worth mentioning that this training course was well received by the participants of ECO member countries, national and international users.

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Maryam Sadeghi

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